Great American Farm Tour

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Great American Farm Tour

Rebekah Rhodes hardly needs an introduction. She along with her husband Justin create wildly popular Youtube content around their 75 acre North Carolina homestead, all the while getting their 4 (soon to be five) children involved. Their goal is to inspire others to grow more, a call that many of us homesteaders were encouraged by. The following is an excerpt of a previous Instagram takeover.

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In 2017, my family went on the Great American Farm Tour. We traveled to all 50 states in 10 months.

The trip started when I asked myself “what would I do if I wasn’t afraid?”. You see I can be a person that takes something and turns it into the most fearful thing in my mind. I watched a youtube video from another channel and they were challenging the viewers to this question. I went straight to Justin and I talked with him about the question that was posed. He asked me what I would do if I wasn’t afraid and my response was to travel.

We had been living on family property and we were at a point where we were wanting to put down deep roots but didn’t know if this was the farm we wanted to do it at. With so many other things in life we wanted to make sure this was what we wanted not just what was easy or comfortable. It was an exciting 10 months and at the end we knew without a shadow of a doubt that our farm was our farm. We set into motion the purchasing of the rest of the acreage in Dec 2017 shortly after arriving home.

This trip was a great eye opener for my kids as far as seeing the way other people homesteaded and farmed. It also helped them realize that our homestead is the best homestead for us. At one point in the trip we had a realtor come out and start the process of selling. We talked with the kids about this and they were so sad. They cried more than we expected.

I am so thankful we went on that trip and realized that really the grass greenest where you water it. We are here working as diligently as we can together as a family to tend the grass on this homestead.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Filming Bees with Camera
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