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Paige is the Mama behind Grass Grazed, a homestead in Durham, NC where she lives with her husband and five children. Fairly new to the homestead life, we’re excited for her to share her experiences for those that may be itching to take up this crazy but rewarding lifestyle that we all love! The following is an excerpt of a previous Instagram takeover.

My kids are growing up differently than me… and I love it! As regenerative farmers we believe in focusing on soil health because the soil is what feeds us. Grass Grazed is soul food in the truest sense – it good for your soul in all the best ways. We call it “Soul Good” (Ha, The pun is definitely intended). It may seem like we have taken a step back since we follow “old school” methods… but, really, we see this as a great way to secure environmental sustainability for our kids and their kids and on down the line. We are still in the process of refining our systems. I don’t want you to think we have it all figured out… we do not. We are working on finding the balance of gardening, composting, and navigating climate change, as well as nurturing our livestock within these boundaries.


To take things a step further, this year we are homeschooling. What better place for our kids to engage with the world around them and to learn to think critically…than on a farm? As crazy as it seems we are doing all of THIS for a reason. As parents we are giving our kids something we didn’t have in hopes to shape their worldview. I believe the more we understand about the world around us, the better we will be in our stewardship of that world.

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Messes and mistakes will be made… keep going. This one is tough. I have had to accept that the seasons change. Let me say that again: every season will look differently. Which is why I am grateful we get to start over everyday. My life is not perfect. And, there have been days where I have cried. But, we press on because this process is refining me. It’s refining my children. It’s refining my marriage.

If you are wondering how to start with homesteading you are in the right place. This page is pure gold. Starting is half the battle and its so helpful to find support right off the bat. If you want to start a garden or raise a few chickens …YOU CAN DO IT! I want to personally encourage you to go for it. If you have kids, it is possible. You don’t need to have 100 acres of land either. All you need is a desire to start and soil.

Visit your local Agriculture Extension office, the public library, and social media for resources. Find someone who is doing what you want to do and ask them questions. The more you know, the more you can grow. If your dream is to farm for profit, look into leasing land first opposed to buying. This can save you time and money. I would also recommend taking a few classes so you know what you are getting in terms of business. If your spouse is not on board yet… start small and work your way up. Farming is a surefire way to grow within your relationship. It can be messy work, but SO good.

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