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You’ve Got Grit Mama

Lacy and her husband Dustin live in Southwest Missouri raising three (soon to be four) free range kids on 45 acres.They focus on pork, chicken, and eggs for local customers as well as growing the bulk of their own veggies and dairy.


It is equally important to them to cultivate their local community and they provide an event space, overnight getaways, and community gatherings to help bring their people together.

I recently became a milk maid to my beautiful Jersey heifer Francine. And while the abundance of milk has been well worth it I would be remiss if I pushed aside all the feelings and perspective this new season has brought for me.

You see, like all new voyages the homesteader sets out on, there is a steep learning curve. I’ve spent countless hours planning, researching, waiting, anticipating, hovering, all for the blessed moment of our first baby calf to arrive so the glorious milking process could begin.
But you know what?!? I was soooo unprepared. Because you can never really know the amount of commitment and sacrifice a new endeavor will be until you fully commit and just get in there. So here I am, three weeks into the milking process. Blood, sweat, tears, spilled milk, and so many non tangible emotions and I get it now. Just as I did when we took on the project of farrowing pigs. Just as I did when we took on a small CSA. Just as I did opening a small business to operate from the farm. Just as I do every single day homeschooling our kids.  And just as I will welcoming another baby into our family. Everytime, questioning and trying to plan out just how it will all fit into what we already have established. And everytime, being completely wrong and just figuring it out as I went no matter how tough. Creative problem solving is a non negotiable skill for even the beginning homesteader. But I could write an entire blog post just about that… so I digress.
And its not easy. All the last minute shifts to make it work. The physical toll it takes on your body. The brain space that is continually occupied until the task is complete. The mental fortitude to not give up. The grit it takes to bare down and keep going. This is hard stuff mama.
All the while caring for your little humans and shaping them to be well rounded capable adults. It would be much easier to let someone else do that part so I could focus on the task at hand until satisfactory completion. Especially in those first few early years of complete independence.
But that’s not the gig I signed up for. And neither did you. And its tough. Yet, if you maintain perspective, it is so beautiful. Because NO ONE can do it quite like you.
And that’s the beauty in it really. Because if beauty was easy, it would lose a bit of its alure don’t you think?
Being a homestead mama is so nuanced, empowering, life giving, purposeful, and yet exhausting.
So bare down mama. Pick your next hard thing (or have the courage and strength to see through the thing you’re currently tackling). Because it is hard. If it wasn’t everyone would do it. And THAT makes it beautiful.
I’m in your corner. Cheering you on. Coming along side you to say, you can do this. You are more capable than you know. You are doing a precious and valuable thing.
And you’ve got grit mama.


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