Brittany is a five year homesteader living in Southeastern, OH with her husband and two boys and baby girl. She is deeply passionate about growing wholesome food, staying connected with the land, and living & parenting with freedom. The following is an excerpt of a previous Instagram takeover.

When I was growing up places and families like this only existed in my dreams. My husband and I are both from broken and dysfunctional homes and grew up craving the security of “family” and “togetherness”. I believe this is why homesteading is such a good fit for us. We desire NOTHING other than to have time together in nature.


Over the last two years we’ve made a firm decision to become debt free and stay debt free so that my husband can say goodbye to his demanding job and have more time for us here on our homestead. It took me a while to realize it but I’ve actually been heading that direction my whole life; it’s almost like there was a force, maybe God, pulling me away from “things” and leading me to nature.

Most would say I live a very modest life. I don’t have a fancy home or drive new vehicles, I do not like to go shopping or travel much, I am simple. Yet, I feel an urgency to simplify even further. Since winter I have been purging our home and working towards minimalism. In fact, we’ve purged so much that our home is now too big for us. There’s so much wasted space and I no longer have the things or desire the stuff to fill all the rooms and closets. I’m ready to downsize and I’m praying that we will be lead in that direction soon.

I may have said this before…I don’t want more money, I don’t want more things, all I really want is a whole lot more of LESS!


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