HM Podcast #5 Erin Worrall

Erin Worrall 

Here I get to talk with a good friends of mine Erin Worrall! She is a contributor here at HM, and we are so so thankful for her, as she is a natural teacher, and gives so much!

Here we talk about how she ended up as a homesteader, and now a farmer as well. We talk about the difficulties that come as new homesteaders, and how to overcome those, and keep growing. We talk about how she learned these skills, and started homesteading, even without the homestead!

This is a great conversation and I am so blessed by Erin being in my life, so I hope you all are encouraged and inspired after listening to this podcast!


Oh and everyone check out her classses below! 

Please continuing the conversation below, and connecting with Erin at the following:






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