Bacon and Pea Pasta with Ricotta

Lisa and her husband are raising their babies, and growing their little homestead in rural Alberta, Canada. They are pursuing more sustainable and self-sufficent living through gardening, beekeeping, chickens and other old-world skills learned along the way.

Bacon and Pea Pasta with Ricotta

A simple yet delicious recipe that even our very picky four year old enjoyed!


450g Pasta
5 Strips of Bacon
1 Cup Frozen Peas, thawed
4 Tbsp. Butter
1 Cup Fresh Ricotta
¼ Cup Parmesan
Juice from half a Lemon
Cook your pasta in a large pot of salted water
Chop bacon into mid-sized strips, cook over medium heat, and then transfer to a bowl


Reserve about 2 Tbsp. of the bacon grease in your pot, and add in your butter
Once the butter is melted, add your cooked pasta to the pot, coating it in the butter and bacon


Add in your Ricotta, and stir vigorously to coat the pasta
Add the Parmesan and give the pasta another good stir, then add in your lemon juice and
pepper (to taste), and stir again
Finally, add the bacon back into the pot, as well as the thawed peas


Give your pasta a final stir, and serve with fresh cracked pepper and more parmesan cheese on


*Note, I did not add any salt to this dish! My Ricotta was already quite salty, and I knew the
bacon would also add a lot of salt to the dish. I would highly recommend tasting before adding
any salt.


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