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Madison is an artist living on a deer farm in the Canterbury hills of New Zealand. Raising two capable & adorable farm kids.


She is an amazing artist specializing in wildlife and countryside art.

Finding the time for my creative practice completely changed motherhood for me. After my first Olivia I dove straight into full time mothering, and slowly let my time for my artwork fade. The dishes just had to be done, those floors were filthy they needed attention and let’s not forget the weeds that are forever taking over my gardens. And I loved (and still do) spending our days with Sam on the farm. What I didn’t realize was I was missing a huge part of me, I had tucked it away till another time. 


It was only when I was very pregnant with my son Harry. That something clicked and I threw myself back at my drawing board and spent every moment there when Olivia was either napping or with her dad on the farm. And I can’t tell you how good it felt. When Harry was a newborn I continued on with my little cherub In the front sling, I was so tired but I needed that creative burst to help me feel human. 

What I’m hoping is that if you read and could understand the difference having a creative outlet was for me that maybe you could try and find those small moments in your day and fill them with creativity. In any way that could be drawing like myself or flower gardens, beautiful bread scoring, pottery, music anything that brings excitement into your day.


To me there is nothing more incredible than to make something from nothing, a blank piece of paper into a work of art or sourdough from flour and water. Whatever that thing is I promise if you prioritize it for yourself I will pay off in how you feel as an individual. And that amazing energy you get from that will just flourish and cary on through your day. There will always be jobs that need doing, but will they make you feel the same way? 


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