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The Giving Pie

This recipe is nothing exciting, there I’ve said it. But I’ve got a lot on my heart and fruit I’m hoping to share will you; it may fill you in ways no dinner can…

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It’s Your Backyard…Use It!

Living in an urban or suburban setting may seem like the least likely place to start a homestead. When most people (even me) think of the word, term or action it looks like acres of land, a plethora of animals and gardens as far as the eyes can see…

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Pickled Beet Vinaigrette

Can you believe I had never tasted a beet until I was in my mid-30s? Now, I’m obsessed.

My first exposure to my favorite salad addition was when I enjoyed brunch at my older friend Vickie’s house. She happened to be my OBGYN who delivered my daughter, and we reconnected as blogging friends after an illness forced her to retire…

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The Worst Part About Homesteading with Kids

I didn’t grow up on a farm.

I didn’t have any interest in growing food as a kid and honestly – until my second pregnancy at age 21 I never really even thought about what I was eating or where it came from.

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Find Those Moments…

Finding the time for my creative practice completely changed motherhood for me. After my first Olivia I dove straight into full time mothering, and slowly let my time for my artwork fade…

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The Organized Homestead with Staci from The From Scratch Homestead

Oh man I loved this conversation! I cannot wait to go back through and take some notes!

Staci is an amazing homestead mama of 7 in Wisconsin, getting SO much done! I had to have her on the podcast because during her takeover she amazed me with her organizational skills on the homestead, and getting so much done, all while schooling her kids, homemaking, and growing/raising much of their own food!

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Chinese Style Green Beans and Pork

When I am inundated with green beans from the garden, I like to throw this dish together and serve it with rice. It’s quick and one of the ways I can get my kids to eat more beans.

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A Beekeeping Mama’s Story

Hi Friends! I’m Angelina from @the_chinglish_farmer. I am a mama to two rambunctious little boys, a wife to a very patient man, a lady beekeeper to thousands of bees, a chemical free gardener, and about a thousand other titles as all homesteading mothers would understand…

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Nose to Tail Black & Blue Burgers

When you raise your own meat it is unavoidable to notice the amount of nutrient dense cuts that american culture tells you not to eat. They want you to believe it’s weird, taboo, a sign of lower class, and doesn’t taste good. When in reality industrialized agriculture and feed lots have started producing on such a scale that the organs are just too much work to do anything with and get cast aside as only fit for animals to eat….

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You’ve Got Grit Mama

I recently became a milk maid to my beautiful Jersey heifer Francine. And while the abundance of milk has been well worth it I would be remiss if I pushed aside all the feelings and perspective this new season has brought for me…

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Ranching with Children

When I first married my husband, and moved to his family ranch, I immediately jumped in and helped out as needed. I quickly learned that there’s no such thing as ‘too much help’ on a ranch. I found a job that needed doing, and I took it over. Extra hands are always needed during ranching, so I know my help is appreciated…

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3 Tips for Homeschooling on the Homestead

Brianna and Ryan Widen raise & homeschool their 3 kids on their working ranch in Washington State. The family raises nearly all their own food, have a Ranch Store open each weekend and ship their meats nationwide.

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Homestead Cooking + Curry Chicken Salad

There is an unspoken truth about homesteaders. We are foodies. The culinary aspect of homesteading drives many of us to grow artichokes or can a pear chutney that will pair well with the freshly processed pork in late fall…

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Mile-High Whey Biscuits

If you’re from the south, you probably know that buttermilk biscuits are an art form. People are particular about them, recipes are passed down for generations, and it’s about the pan just as much as it is the recipe. I will forever have etched in my memory the mornings spent watching my grandmother mixing, patting (it’s a thing, my nana said you don’t roll them out, you just pat them out), and baking the most perfect biscuits.

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Christmas Crepes

Ever since the first Christmas I can remember, these Crepe’s have been part of our Christmas morning. My mom would make them every year…

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The Slow Season

The bushels of produce that cluttered the kitchen floor are now neatly tucked into a rainbow of jars on the pantry shelves. Days spent weeding and harvesting will now be spent indoors by the woodstove and in the kitchen enjoying the meals we worked so hard for over the growing season…

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Adaptogen Hot Chocolate Concentrate

The holiday season is upon us, and I am a big fan of warm beverages. You can probably guess that I love squeezing herbs into every nook and cranny of my life, so of course I would want to add them to my hot chocolate too! This recipe is basically a concentrated chocolate syrup that is added to your choice of milk or milk alternative to make hot chocolate…

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